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Finding beauty in all things

For years florals have played a significant role in celebrating love and precious moments. An antidote to the monotony of mass-produced florals, Flora by HLMN arrangements are consciously made with love and the intention to restore feelings of comfort and natural beauty.

Florals bloom for big and little moments, which is why we offer a catalog for both everyday living and celebratory moments.

We take inspiration from memories created and memories to come. Intertwining the
past and present, each arrangement is able to tell its own story, unique and personalized to whom it is created for.

Unforgettable, tangible moments

Unceasing creativity, each arrangement is lovingly put together to interpret each moments into tangible memories.

Together with our mother brand HLMN Manila, we believe in incorporating intentional and sustainable craftsmanship that inspires and treasures the beauty and creativity of life.