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Creating inclusive experiences with impact

At HLMN Manila we bring local and ethically made artisan pieces to you and your home consciously. Keeping it intentional, our goal is to allow you to grow into a mindful sense of self that enjoys, inspires, and caters to a larger purpose in the community.

As we continue to grow, we work closely with like-minded partners with a mission to create inclusive experiences and actions that impact a bigger spectrum, leading towards a sustainable business model.

Through Habit

Through Habit is a one-stop shop lifestyle store that offers a selection of vegan and local products that aims to positively change the lives of many — through the right habit.

Through Habit is an epitome of compassion and sustainability - urging us to be responsible with our choices and extend that not only to the people around us but to our planet as well bycreating collective habits that make big impacts.

Eco Ship

The green alternative to your traditional courier. EcoShip is the future of sustainable shipping. The environmentally driven courier offers eco-solutions. Their company provide pro-earth mailers to remove the need of extra packaging of shipments to help reduce the load on our planet.

At EcoShip, they offer hybrid solutions of bicycles and electric vehicles deliveries, wherein they fully emit carbon emissions without sacrificing convenience or speed.