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Passion turned into a lifestyle brand.

Inspired by nature

Our goal at HLMN Manila is to bring local and ethically made artisan pieces to you and your home, and be able to elevate your daily experience with our intentional products.

Every hand-crafted piece from our collection allows you to experience your space, and every self-care ritual through a meaningful lens - in a mindful sense of self that enjoys, grows, and inspires and caters to a larger community.

Creating slowly

With intentional and sustainable craftsmanship, we aim to inspire each and everyone to care for themselves more, and embrace slowing down through our products that are good for the environment as they are for you.

Sense of self, for a bigger sense of purpose

In HLMN, we believe that when we incorporate nature into our lives, we simplify. We learn the essence of well-being, connect with others, and give back to our environment.

When you feel good, you do good, and it makes you present and more intentional towards the things around you. This belief is the compass of our lifestyle brand.

Living intentionally

Proudly handcrafted in the Philippines, HLMN Manila is driven by purpose and inspiration, committed to bringingtimeless pieces and narrating every story behind them through every detail for you and your home – carefully curating beautiful, useful pieces with mindful consumption at heart and celebratingsimple daily pleasures of life.

A lifestyle destination for your uncomplicated, intentional living.