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isla (n.) - island

sea breeze | bamboo | white musk

A life force that never ends, mysteriously majestic, free, and steady, holding in every depths of us -- our refuge. In this collection, we took a step back to truly understand and bridge the essence of self-care to ourselves, and to our environment -- and to elevate that experience into something tangible.

Proudly hand-poured in the Philippines, made of 100% Natural Soy Wax, the fresh, clean, and aquatic blend of sea breeze, white musk, and bamboo helps refresh your space, and aid in relaxation.

100% Natural Soy Wax | Double-ply Wood Wick | Moon and Chalcedony Stone | Dried Butterfly Pea Petals
White Speckled Ceramic Vessel | 3.5" Tall
Net Weight
270ml / 9oz
Scent Profile
fresh, clean, aquatic
Burn Time
35-40 Hours
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Each piece is uniquely designed and are specially handcrafted in small batches. Each product may have slight variations from one item to the next.